Transit / Open Shelter Home / Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Our experience and observations showed that a large number of deprived and underprivileged children are living in adverse conditions on the streets and they need proper shelter and counseling services for guiding them in proper direction to restore them with their families or reintegrate them
in the mainstream of the society.

TAABAR initiated a small home for street children in Jaipur that is known as Bal Basera Transit Shelter Home. This effort was acknowledged and supported by Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) and a unique partnership evolved where JMC provided with space for running Bal Basera.

Bal-Basera, a transit home, run by TAABAR (a non-profit and non-governmental organization working on the issues of child rights and strengthening child protection system in Rajasthan through its various programs since 2006) is one of its project where 24X7 services are provided to the children in need of care and protection. With a capacity to accommodate 50 residents at a time. Children who are marginalized due to poverty, dysfunctional families, lack of education, bonded labour, abused or live in entirely intolerable conditions Bal-Basera provides all necessary assistance and facilities to them.

Children (boys) under the age of 18 despite their caste and religion are admitted here after the permission of Child Welfare Committee (CWC). Children stay here for maximum period of 4 months. Our work is focused on restoration of the children in their families and implementation of Juvenile.

Justice (Care & Protection Act) 2000 in Institutional services.

Following services are being provided to the children in need of care and protection:-

#   To provide care and protection to children in need.
#   To preserve, protect and advocate their childhood rights at state, national and international level.
#   To bring children in need back into the life and mainstream of society by providing them with life’s basic necessities.
#   To make society aware of the need to help protect this vulnerable group from risk.
#   Networking and liaison with government departments and child rights champions for the same cause.
#   To provide rehabilitation and referral services for children in special need.
#   To create public awareness about the problems and needs of children in distress.