Mr. Ramesh Paliwal

After Mr. Paliwal acquired a post graduate degree in Sociology & Social work, post graduate diploma in counselling psychology and completion of his studies, he worked for many grass root international NGOs. During this period he worked on control and prevention of HIV/AIDS. He extensively worked with Truckers, commercial sex workers, high risk groups & street children. At the same time, he stayed in Mumbai. While travelling in local trains, came across with street children that changed the course of his life. He realized that there is a community who is voiceless and vulnerable to any type of exploitation and needs immediate care & protection. He decided to do something for these children. With this aim, he started a station project in Jaipur for street children. His dedication and devotion brought some likeminded people together. As a result TAABAR was founded in the year of 2007. Since then, Mr. Paliwal is committed for overall well being of children in need.