Counselling & Recreational Training Programme at
Government Observation Home & Juvenile Home in Jaipur

TAABAR started the Counselling and vocational project in Kota Observation Home in July, 2011. It was welcomed by the Social Justice Empowerment department, child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board. Inspired by the impact of the intervention the short term intervention was continued and presently TAABAR is providing four days programme in a week. The counsellor provides counselling and education and Vocational trainer provided vocational activities to channelize their negative energy by engaging them in different types of vocational courses like Mehandi, embroidery, and art and craft activities. The children were motivated to learn reading and writing. They are being motivated to realize their full potential through different types of activities. Children eagerly wait for counsellor and vocational trainer as they take care of their personal problems and understand their situation.

Impact (Past & Present)

The change observed in the Kota Homes Taabar was invited to undertake the same activities in government Home Jaipur and presently the organisation is working with homes in Jaipur and Kota. Unfortunately, Jaipur Observation and Juvenile Home experienced the high incidences of runaway from the home and some unusual cases which created a need of intervention with children to provided them child friendly environment and training to the care takers. Commissioner of Social Justice Empowerment Department invited TAABAR to provide help and support and to take up the challenges that are being faced in the observation home and Juvenile Homes. TAABAR accepted the proposal and did a need analysis by interacting with the children. The reason for the runaways like isolation, lack of communication with caretakers, lack of information as to the duration they have to stay in the home, monotonous environment etc were shared with the Superintendent and other staff of the home. Then the following interventions were done

Following services are being provided to the children in need of care and protection:-

  • Security measures were enhanced and night warden and guard were counselled to do their duties with dedication.
  • Daily routine of the children was rescheduled and counselling, vocational training, recreational training were added to this schedule.
  • TAABAR is helping in tracing out the children’s parents so that they can be restored.

After the intervention, gradually we noticed smile on the faces of the children, now they are busy in theatre classes, recreational training and they are being listen by the counsellors. Taabar started these activities in the month of July, 2012 with 22 children who were waiting for their bail. TAABAR prepared their case studies and presented before the Juvenile Board and within a month all almost all the children got bail.

Following activities are being done in the home by TAABAR:

1. Counselling
2. Theatre Classes
3. Restoration of the children of need to care and protection and Coordination with Juvenile Board and Child Welfare Committee for the Restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration of these children
4. Festival celebration and Days celebration
5. Following the daily routine schedule
6. Craft , tailoring, computer training
7. Yoga, prayer, value education
8. To create child friendly and homely environment
9. Taking care of the health of the children
10. Submitting individual care plan and case studies
11. Meeting and discussion with the care takers of the home
12. Strategising follow up
13. Focus on Implementation of the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act 2000, such as formation of children committees, Home management committees, record and file keeping, database management