We work for rescuing children from the street life and provide them with a protective shelter and linking them with mainstream life. These children are the testimonials to our success story. Following are just few of the many stories that were captured as TAABAR continues with its work

Case Study No. 1

Kesaria aged 7 years is studying in 2nd standard of a hindi medium school in Mumbai Central and living happily with his family. He was born in one of the slums of Mumbai, commercial capital of India and has had the similar surroundings as other street children. His father had been sent to jail due to having charged under a criminal case against him. His mother thought of giving him a proper protection and name of father. Therefore she got married again. But Kesaria’s fate was differently written as his step father diagnosed with AIDS. Kesaria again became orphaned and he had to live in difficult situations again. To meet out and fulfill the meal necessities, he ran away from Mumbai to Jaipur.

During outreach programme of TAABAR Society, he came into contact and then referred to Bal Basera for providing him immediate shelter, food, medical and counseling services. Before coming to this home, he used to go easily along with anybody who did offer him the food. After having spent some time in this shelter home, he got motivated to go home.

After his successful repatriation to Mumbai, several local organizations were contacted to help and support him. Finally he got sponsored for all his educational requirements. Now he loves going to school regularly. His mother is happy today as earlier she used to be worried about his future and other responsibilities.

Case Study No. 2

Neeraj (12 year) is partially a mentally retarded boy who have had moved out of his home about two and half years back. His widow mother, who used to sell bangles here and there and hardly could manage two times meal, did all the hard work to find out his elder son specially when he was mentally retarded. She went to police and asked for their help, but they used to say that how they could find his mental son.

Meanwhile Neeraj used to spend his most of the time in picking up water bottles and staying on the railways stations here and there with his street friends. Since he had little sense about himself and his life therefore he only used to speak only three words i.e. Sapla, Neera and Shyambala. And this was a real challenge for us to find out his belongingness and other details.

During this his mother was still looking for himself and used to wait for him all alone. Since Neeraj was able to speak only three worked, sapla (his village), Neeraj (his name) and Shyambala (his mother) therefore it was never easy for us to trace out his details. But with the continuous efforts and hard work of staff members, we could find out the details and accompanied him to his village, sapla. His mother was extremely happy to have his son back after a long time. Villagers were also happy and they all thanked us for doing such a good work.