The future depends on what you do today ― Mahatma Gandhi

We welcome volunteers and interns from India and all over the world as a precious part of our local team. Join us and share your enthusiasm about social work in India with us – either as a volunteer or as an intern!

Make a contribution and participate in our daily project work as a volunteer or intern and gain unforgettable, valuable experiences for yourself. As a part of our team you will face the opportunity to spend quality time with the children in need and care within our child care projects, improve the medical supply for disadvantaged community within our Taabar Mobile Clinic or come to support us in administrative work and develop an understanding how a grass-roots non-profit organisation works.

What can you expect from volunteering with Taabar?

Our local team consists of dedicated social workers and counsellors, who are experienced and successful in working with underprivileged children and women from difficult social backgrounds. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. Apart from working directly with children in need and bring happiness back to their lives you will learn a lot about:

# Living conditions of poor families and the ways they choose to break the cycle of poverty.
# How government departments and Taabar cooperate to free labour children and rescue street children successfully.
# Laws, restrictions and actions to protect children rights in India.

How will my work be like at Taabar?

As we run different projects the possibilities to work with us as a volunteer or intern are also different, numerous and never boring. We are most happy to tailor your volunteering / internship individually according to your personal skills and former experiences additional to or apart from the projects basic schedules.

As a volunteer your tasks could be for example

# Teaching english, maths and general knowledge to children between 5 years and 18 years of age
# Organizing workshops to explore and educate about additional topics
# Providing lessons for hygiene, anatomy, nutrition
# Organizing drama, theater or music lessons
# Provide and guide arts & crafts items
# Supporting in administrative work

You are always most welcome to come up with your own ideas, which will help to educate and help children in need and women.

As an intern your tasks could be for example

Organize events to increase Taabar’s popularity locally or/and abroad

# Develop advance systems and methods for local and global fundraising
# Analyses and improvement of internal standards and processes
# Generate and organize road shows about e.g. self-awareness, children rights, women rights

Please note: Tasks, expectations and responsibilities of Taabars interns always base on individual agreements between applicant and Taabar itself according to applicant’s educational background, current scope and former experience. Usually interns focus more on administration as well as process and project related tasks additional or aside from working directly with the needy ones.

What personal skills are requested to join Taabar as a volunteer or intern?

As we are a local Indian grass-roots NGO who serves and supports children and women in need we expect our volunteers and interns to:

# Be as open minded as possible.
# Be ready to learn about Indian culture and deal respectful with intercultural differences.
# Be reliable and flexible.
# Behave and dress respectful according to Indian culture.

We want you to enjoy every day of your precious time with us. We trust on your honest feedback to create a successful atmosphere for both volunteers and local staff.

How will Taabar support me to organize VISA and accommodation in India?

Visa: We will provide you the documents your embassy requires such as letter of invitation to issue your Visa. Please make sure that you apply for the right type of Visa to work with a NGO. Your embassy will provide you advises. Please consider that it will take time to receive documents abroad by posting them.

Accommodation: Taabar doesn’t run an own boarding home or guest house to accommodate externals. But we will provide you addresses and contacts on your request to find an accommodation which is suitable with the living standard you wish to have in India. We cooperate with the hosts for many years already.

How can I apply as a volunteer or intern?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with TAABAR. We are looking forward to receive your application and welcome you as a part of our team.
Please apply via E-Mail to: Ramesh Paliwal including the following documents:

• Motivation letter. Why do you want to volunteer in India? Why do you want to join Taabar?
• CV including former volunteer experiences.
• Detailed description about your expectations and activities you plan to realize within your stay with Taabar.

This document should show a part of your personality as we are ready to create a volunteer or internship for you, which will suit you and us best. Please provide as much information as you can to ensure to find the right place to work for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information’s before you apply.