Volunteer / Interns

13.03.2014 Feedback about my Internship.

I’m in Taabar since 6 weeks now and I really enjoy the time that I spend here. The children are really nice and when you see their smile you just see children and you don’t see their background. One of the difficulties that I fight was the departure of the children. It’s a mixed between joy because we know that they are going back to their family and in the same time it’s sad because we get attached to them and we won’t see them again. The staff members really help me and I’m really grateful for that. Marion Jaffart, 21 years from France, Student for humanitarian action and NGOs Intern at Taabar for 5 months


13.03.2014 Report of my internship:

It has been almost 1 month I started my internship in Taabar. I enjoy my time to teach them Math because they really love to addition, multiplication… I’m impressed that they are really good. Furthermore, when I do the hand washing demonstration, they enjoy doing it. This first month, make me realize that I can bring happiness to them by transferring my knowledge. That’s why I choose Taabar for my internship, I don’t feel useless. And the staff member helps me a lot to be more confident and to be more involved. For the next months, I’ll do my best for the boys and the project I will do for Taabar especially for the Health and Hygiene project.
21 years old
Student in Humanitarian Action and NGO In France
Intern In Taabar for 4 months