Taabar Mobile Clinic

Most of the time, street children are over-exploited and forced into jobs where they have to work continuously even during sickness. The hazardous and unprotected environment of these street children leads to various health problems such as tuberculosis, asthma, hepatitis, jaundice, malaria, respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS etc. This problem is further aggravated by poor delivery of and access to health services. Their lower awareness and literacy levels also prevent them from finding such services. TAABAR Mobile Clinic was planned to help in these areas.

The mobile van, in the form of a well-equipped clinic, is reaching directly to the target population to support and provide them with counselling, health and medical services including STIs and HIV/AIDS. The clinic reassures them that they are not alone in this world, strengthens their self-confidence and shows that somebody is there to care for, love and support them. Since this clinic is mobile, various support and services will be provided on the doorstep and at the convenience of the target population. On a daily basis it goes to two different places and gives two hours at each place. These places have been identified on the basis of survey and requirements of the street children.

taabar medical van pictures (2)