In 2006, a project was initiated to offer children who were living at railway stations, shelter, awareness of HIV/AIDS and treatment for STI. A temporary flat was rented and initially a start was made with five children, and gradually the number of children has increased. In the beginning, due to lack of resources, we were just providing meals and giving a few hours of education and entertainment. As we were not able to provided for night stay our hearts cried when we had to send the children back to the station to spend the night there, with the risk that they might fall into the wrong hands and get involved in prostitution, drug addiction and trafficking (which usually happens). We thus approached the government and Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Impressed by our work they provided us with a hall, near Jaipur railway station where children could spend a night. This space (a second hall) is called Bal Basera shelter home and it provides immediate shelter to the vulnerable children along with the basic necessities of life so that they are provided opportunities for healthy growth and development.