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Jaipur also known as ‘The Pink City’ is the Kapara HQ in India. India itself is a country of contradiction; where there is beauty and romance you’ll find suffering and deprivation. Jaipur is one of many cities across India taking steps to alleviate poverty and inequality. Jaipur Junction is the main railway station and is home to many homeless people who come to the Pink City in search of a job and a better life. Taabar Shelter, based next to the junction, is an NGO that works specifically with street boys who either lived on the streets or were forced into child labour. The shelter aims to rehabilitate them, re-build their confidence, teach them basic English, Maths and Hindi and find their families. When they are brought to the shelter they have nothing and the charity cannot provide them with even the simplest of things like a toothbrush or soap because there simply isn’t the funding. The Taabar shelter and Kapara London have collaborated to form ‘The Rucksack Project’. Through Kapara we have designed a hand made key-ring that will raise funds for the project. With each key-ring bought a rucksack will be provided to a boy in the shelter. Something that he can call his own and something that when the time comes he can take home.


#  1 backpack
#  3 notebooks
#  1 pencil case
#  5 pencils
#  3 erasers

#  1 set of 12 crayons
#  1 set of 12 coloring pencils
#  1 set of 12 color markers
#  1 ruler
#  1 pencil sharpener

#  1 english textbook
#  1 coloring book
#  1 water bottle
#  1 pair of sandals
#  1 towel

#  1 personal care bag
#  1 toothbrush
#  1 toothpaste
#  1 bar of soap
#  1 hair brush
#  1 toy

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