Child Friendly Police Station  – Shastri Nagar Jaipur North.

TAABAR initiated a child friendly police station (Bal Mitra Thana). In Jaipur, most of the child labor are rescued from the Northern part of the city. Shastri Nagar police station comes under this area and an important police station in this regard. There are many pockets in North Jaipur where child labour is excessively found, number of children have been rescued from the areas of Ramganj, Kotwali, Shastri Nagar, Bhatta Basti, and Galta Gate Police Station. Handling child labor from pre to post rescue is very sensitive process, cops require special skill to deal with it. Mostly police stations are not child friendly that makes the children traumatic when they face legal processes that lasts the impact on children throughout the life. Deputy Commissioner of Police, (DCP-North), Jaipur has released a letter of permission to establish a child friendly setup in Shastri Nagar police station in favor of TAABAR. It would be the first Child Friendly Police Station in entire Jaipur district.

A room has been provided in the campus of Shastri Nagar Police Station. TAABAR renovated and painted the room with support of Contree organization that is known for its artwork. They did makeover the room. Necessary infrastructures like bed, TV, Toys and other games have been provided. TAABAR team is conducting the meetings with CWPOs and other front line staff to sensitize them and developing child sensitive case handling processes.

#   DCP North Mr. Rajiv Pachar & Additional DCP Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Sagar, ACP
#   Mahaveer Prasad inaugurated Child Friendly Police Station Shastri Nagar on 10 Dec 2019.
#   Mr. Ravi Prakash, Ms Sharda Singh. Mr. Ramesh Paliwal was present on the occasion.