Educational Sponsorship Project

Educational Sponsorship Project focuses on the educational and social well being of slum and rural children by making quality of education, protecting environment and after school support accessible.

Objectives of the project

  • Control and prevention of the phenomena of the street children
  • Reducing incidences and numbers of runaway of the children from slum areas
  • Educational empowerment of the underprivileged children
  • Education & Rehabilitation for children in distress
  • Reducing dropout rates and increasing enrollment in the school
  • Providing Medical treatment to the children and slum dwellers
  • Reducing malnourishment and anemia by providing nutritious food
  • Continuing the education of underprivileged children



Taabar strives to achieve these objectives through tuition cum day care centers. We are running Day care centres in Jaipur in Khor Slum, Brahampuri (Kagdiwada)SlumJhalana Slum, 2 centres in Luniyawas village and Luniyawas village. We also run Women Training Center in Khor slum.

Activities under the project

  • After School Support
  • Remedial Classes
  • Vocational Training Center: Att Khor slum in Jaipur aiming at economic empowerment of the poor, unemployed, single, separated, migrated and young girls by honing their vocational skills in different trades.
  • Nutrition Support
  • Medical Treatment
  • Counselling and Educational Awareness
  • Recreational activities.
  • Others creative activities

Students are provided with

  • School fees,
  • School supplies : Pencil, school bag, sharpener , measuring ruler , drawing box, eraser , school shoes, socks etc
  • Medical check up and counselling.
  • Nutritional meals
  • Hygiene kit
  • School Books, note books
  • Transportation facility ,
  • Craft material


  • Child labour from different places of the city including the slums were rescued by Taabar with the help of Police, and Child welfare Committee. We helped them to come out from trauma through counselling, child friendly atmosphere, and provided homely treatment. These children were restored with their families and linked with the tuition centers / day care centers. 1200 children were linked with education thus preventing them from being child labour, begging, missing or run away from home or becoming street children. The Project helped to protect the children from accidents, unnatural deaths, sexual abuse and social evils like gender discrimination, domestic violence etc
  • We have been able to bring significant change in the area of Child growth & development and have been successful in instilling values among the children who are always considered uncivilised and untouchables.
  • The people are getting aware about the education of their children. They have understood that education is the only way to upliftment.
  • Now girls are protected and getting education, even they are equally treated as their brothers in their families.
  • We are encouraging and helping single women, ST, SC, widow to get their social security services thus enabling these people to take benefit of their rights through educational awareness programmes like rally, streets play, door-to-door counselling TAABAR conducted 185 rallies on various social issues to generate awareness like save the girl child, gender discrimination, girl child education, right to education, which helped the people to understand the importance of child related issues. In result, people came forward and handed over their girl child to the tuition center.